A multidisciplinary program focused on excellence

The International Master on Wine Tourism Transitions and Innovations (WINTOUR) offers a truly integrated study program, recognized in all three participating countries. The academic programme is structured in 120 ECTS divided in two years and 4 semesters.

One of the central elements of the WINTOUR master is precisely its international mobility. The mobility track is the same for all students and requires that they attend the first 3 semesters each in one of the partners HEIs, which offer complementary theoretical and practical knowledge on Wine Tourism and Marketing, Wine Making and Wine Heritage. Two 1-month internships provide first-hand experience in wine tourism and winemaking and a last 4-month Professional Internship is the baseline to develop a Master Thesis project in the final semester, in collaboration with one of our non-academic Associated Partners.

Workshops on "Career development" are also included in the four semesters, to reinforce soft and hard skills for improving the personal and professional development of the future graduates.

The three universities also offer local language courses during the first 3 semesters of teaching for the students who have basic or no knowledge of Catalan/Spanish (URV), French (UBx) and Portuguese (UP). Taking those complementary courses is enforced and the cost is included in the WINTOUR fees.

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The Practical Guides for each semester provide useful information to help students prepare and make the most of their stay at each university/country.