A multidisciplinary program focused on excellence

The International Master on Wine Tourism Innovation (WINTOUR) offers a truly integrated study program, recognized in all three participating countries. The academic programme is structured in 120 ECTS divided in two years and 4 semesters.

As an Erasmus Mundus programme, one of the central elements of the WINTOUR master is precisely its international mobility. The training programme requires students to study a semester at each of the three universities: the first at Rovira i Virgili University -Tarragona, the second at University of Bordeaux, and the third at University of Porto. During these three semesters, it is expected that students also participate in fieldtrips which may involve a short-term mobility to other regions or neighbouring countries. Furthermore, the last semester of the master students undertake an internship in one of the private or public organizations associated to the Consortium, being them located in European countries (e.g. Italy, Greece, France, Portugal or Spain) or even outside the European Union.

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Wine Tourism & Marketing

Wine Making

Wine Heritage


Year 1
Semester 1

Year 1
Semester 2

Year 2
​Semester 1


Year 2
Semester 2

Language courses are offered in each semester. URV offers Spanish and Catalan, UB offers French and UP, Portuguese. 

* The WINTOUR Master’s degree curriculum stated above applies to the 4th intake (2019-2021), starting on September 2019, and onwards.