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The WINTOUR Consortium encourages prospective candidates to look for available scholarships in their country of origin when considering to apply for the programme.

Below you can find information about funding options either offered by the Consortium or other institutions that may be of interest.

Please note that this section may be updated over the course of the application process.


URV Master's Grant


DURATION: 1 year (academic year 2023-2024). There is the possibility to renew the discount portion of the grant (item 1) for the 2024-2025 academic year if the student develops the Master thesis (Semester 4) tutored by URV. This renewal would not include a further travel stipend (item 2).


  1. Discount on WINTOUR Master Participation fees: the discount shall be the equivalent to the cost of registration at URV. This amount will depend on the number of ECTS registered and the price per credit established for the corresponding academic year, which is confirmed yearly. However, we can approximate that the discount can be around 1000 EUR for EU students and 1600 EUR for non-EU students.

  2. Travel Stipend (only non-Spanish students): one-time only payment of 1000 EUR for travel expenses for the 1st year of the programme (2023-2024)

SELECTION CRITERIA: category of student (Partner/Programme), prior studies and experience, academic track record, language skills (English and local languages of WINTOUR universities).


  • Application period: from 13 April to 15 June 2023

  • Final selection results: 12-13 July 2023

URV BIDI’s Grant

(WINTOUR Marketing Support Grant)


DURATION: 8 months (November 2023 to June 2024 approximately)

AMOUNT: 3000 EUR gross amount in total (375 EUR gross amount paid to the student on a monthly basis)

SELECTION CRITERIA: category of student (Partner/Programme), prior studies and experience, academic track record, language skills (English and local languages of WINTOUR universities).


  • Code of the call for 1st year students: 2324BIDI_FE_WINTOUR_1

  • Application period: from 13 April to 15 June 2023

  • Final selection results: 12-13 July 2023


Students from CPLP countries (Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries) can benefit from a discount between 1000-1500€ in tuition fees for the 2nd academic year.

Other scholarships for studies in Portugal: Study & Research in Portugal


Scholarships for studies in France: Campus France




CONYCIT: National Council of Science and Technology, under the programme Formación de Capital Humano Avanzado offers funding opportunities for Chilean citizens both in Chile and abroad.

COLOMBIA COLFUTURO is a Colombian non-profit foundation with the support of the National Government. Its main objective is to provide financial support and increase the possibilities of Colombian citizens to access high-quality postgraduate study programs abroad.             
MEXICO CONACYT: Offers support for the training of Mexican professionals, in order to increase scientific capacity, technology and innovation in the country and contribute to its development. The modality of this call is scholarships of Master's level training in full-time face-to-face programs abroad.
CARIBBEAN OAS Partnership Program for Education and Training (PAEC)

ASIAN students

INDONESIA LPDP (Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education/Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan): The Education Fund Management Agency directs all its efforts to create future leaders spread across various fields.
CHINA CSC: Chinese self-funded students have the opportunity to apply for China Scholarship Council.
PACIFIC OAS Partnership Program for Education and Training (PAEC)

 EUROPEAN students

ALL EU Countries

Erasmus+ Master degree loans: The Erasmus+ Master Loan is now available from banks in France, Spain, the UK, and Luxembourg. The loan is to help postgraduate students with their living and tuition costs when studying in a country other than where they live or where they took their first degree.

Wintour students have been part of this scheme and it represents a useful option.


International Education Center: This institution opens calls for Georgian nationals who are accepted on International Master programs and who need a partial or entire scholarship (grant for study fees and monthly allowance for living costs).

Several Wintour students were awarded this grant.

DENMARK State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme: For Danish students willing to study abroad.
GERMANY DAAD: For German students willing to study abroad.

Global Education Program (GEP) is a Russian government funding program that offers Russian citizens an opportunity to study at leading foreign higher education institutions and to get employment in accordance with the qualification gained.

Several EU COUNTRIES Erasmus+ Master Degree Loans

AFRICAN students

SOUTH AFRICA First Rand Laurie Dippenaar Scholarship: The prestigious FirstRand Laurie Dippenaar scholarship for postgraduate international study to the value of R750000 per annum is available to South African citizens for study outside South Africa in any discipline at an international university of their choice - excellence is the only criteria for selection.


OAS Partnership Program for Education and Training (PAEC)

OTHER funding opportunities

OPEC Fund for International Development The OPEC Fund Scholarship Award supports outstanding young individuals from developing countries so that they are able to pursue graduate studies in a development-related field. 

Women of the Vine & Spirits Foundation Scholarships

Women of the Vine & Spirits Foundation, Ltd. (the "Foundation") provides scholarships and awards for the purpose of helping women advance their careers in the food, wine, spirits, brewing, hospitality, or viticulture industries through education, leadership, and professional development, as well as fostering gender diversity and talent development across the industry at large.