Yekaterina Britskaya – INTAKE 2016/18


Experience as WINTOUR student: "Looking back on two years of Wintour master, I realize that the program has given me much more that I could ever ask for.
Apart from traveling across three well-known wine countries and learning from true professionals coming from both academic and business sectors, I've made friends all over the world becoming a part of a new family, Wintour family.
With the networking and all the skills that I've acquired on this beautiful wine journey, I can definitely recommend this program to everyone interested in becoming a part of the world of wine and tourism."

Career prospects: “Currently based in Spain, working as a freelance wine tourism specialist: guiding visits and wine tastings; wine routes development; writing articles on wine tourism destinations.”

Matteo Di Donato - INTAKE 2016/18


Experience as WINTOUR student: "I've loved being in touch with other 24 people from many different countries, sharing knowledges from different working environments. Having lived in 3 countries, visiting wineries, being in touch with professionals is an unique experience."

Career prospects: "Currently export manager for a wine company. I like the way wine is linked to the territory, to his history, art, music, food..."

Francisco Fraguas - INTAKE 2016/18


Experience as WINTOUR student: "Incredible experience. A wide and complete scope about the wine culture of three big player countries of the wine world. Amazing 2 years where learning was part of a journey with people from all over the world that became my friends for the rest of my life."

Career prospects: "My prospects will always be as winemaker and working in the vineyards. To create outstanding wines has been my passion and dream from the beginning. Nevertheless, after completing Wintour, I feel totally prepared to get involved in the wine trade business and develop any wine tourism project that may arise in the future."

David Gertiser - INTAKE 2016/18


Experience as WINTOUR student: "I joined WINTOUR without any knowledge or background in wine, but with a lot of passion. The program built on my skills I developed in my other studies and gave me the tools to catch up with my classmates. By the end I left confident in my knowledge and capacities, both in wine making and in tourism development."

Career prospects: "I currently work at Gratavinum winery in the Priorat, where I create and coordinate wine tourism both at the winery and across the broader region.”

Shu Li - INTAKE 2016/18


Experience as WINTOUR student: "It is my greatest honor to be the first cohort of graduates of WINTOUR programme. Two years study in three different countries could be the best experience in my life ever! I treasured the knowledge of wine and friendship built in this programme. Appreciate all the efforts of the consortium work and I am willing to promote wine culture to more Asian people!"

Career prospects: “Now I am pleased to work in my former university as a teaching assistant in Hong Kong. I enjoy the time in campus and working with professors and students. It always keeps me learning and thinking. Of course, WINTOUR helps me a lot in my study experiences, networks, communication skills and tourism-related knowledge. Although I am working in sustainable tourism development, I still read and learn about wine for my interests. Because wine is a panacea, it is joyful and bring people closer!”


Claudia de Melo - INTAKE 2016/18


Experience as WINTOUR student: “Wintour program offers an excellent opportunity to live the wine tourism reality in Europe. You gain a lot of insights from current players, improve your skills by working in wineries, wine shops, etc., and grow & improve your network.”

Career prospects: “Wine cellars (on wine tourism field), wine trade companies, wine tourism agencies, establish your own company and create new services and products for the wine sector.”

Aline Urbán - INTAKE 2016/18


Experience as WINTOUR student: "The most amazing experience in a lifetime, networking and enjoying every single day in a different environment with deep knowledge of the wine business."

Career prospects: "Winemaker, Wine tourism manager, Wine Importer/Exporter, Gastronomy tourism.”