Professor and staff testimonials

Gemma Beltran Casellas

URV Professor and general coordinator
Subject: Sparkling Wine Production

"It feels really good and rewarding being able to offer such a high quality program to students from all over the world, who would never had met otherwise, and which will be now part of the WINTOUR Family network for the rest of their lives!"

Anabela Carneiro

UP Professor
Subject: Fortified Wine Production

"The WINTOUR Program offers to its students a relevant insight in four main areas: winemaking, wine tourism, wine marketing and wine heritage. The expertise of the 3 Faculties involved combined with the top quality invited speakers (such as CEOs, Winemaking Directors, Marketing Directors, among others), the wide range of fieldtrips organized and the internships provided by this Program are not a common offer within these study areas. This commitment is the key which explains how WINTOUR is a unique and successful Master Program, capable of endowing our graduates with multidisciplinary competencies, being highly qualified to work on wine tourism."

Salvador Anton Clavé

URV Professor
Subject: Leisure and Wine Tourism

"I often go places to give lectures, participate in conferences or conduct seminars and I always refer to the WINTOUR Master programme, its students and its academic life. I have seen reactions of surprise, interest, willingness to be involved, plans to replicate it, envy and many other. Everyone is impacted by the nature of the programme, by the combination between universities, learning activities and field trips and, specially, by attitudes of students towards the teaching-learning process, their initiative, their academic and personal skills, their diverse previous background ranging from wine making, tourism studies, agronomic sciences or communication to arts, economics or business, and, last but not least, by their ability to create one of the most amazing experiences that I have had in life as professor.

Besides teaching Wine Tourism basics in the WINTOUR Master and enjoying wine tasting and travelling, I am Distinguished Full Professor of Regional Geographical Analysis at the Rovira i Virgili University, Senior Research Scholar at the International Institute of Tourism Studies at the George Washington University, in the USA, and Director of the Department of Tourism Innovation at Eurecat - Technology Centre of Catalonia. I am also currently serving as Coordinator of the Doctoral Program in Tourism and Leisure and as Principal Investigator of the Research Group of Territorial Analysis and Tourism Studies at the Rovira i Virgili University. My research concentrates on the analysis of the evolution of tourism destinations, theme parks and visitor attractions, destination image, tourism policies and planning, impacts of tourism on local and regional development, visitor decision making and visitor spatial behavior."

Jorge Bernardo Lacerda de Queiróz

UP Professor and local coordinator
Subject: Fortified Wine Production

"Wintour is the chance of learning about grape and wine production, how to promote and sell wines, to link wine to culture, to the local communities where it is produced, and that way to do from wine a "different" product and not a "commodity". It is be able of linking wine and tourism and take the chance of to "surf" the wave of oenotourism (that is growing all around the world). The chance of doing all that integrated in a multicultural group of students with high diversities of background, in three so different regions of grape and wine production, in three cities of excellence in wine, tourism, heritage... What a pity that when we were a student the WINTOUR program didn't exist...!"

Agathe Lairy

UB Administrative Coordinator

"I feel very lucky to work with the WINTOUR programme, and to meet so many wonderful students from all over the world! It's a pleasure to welcome them in Bordeaux and see them enjoy all the experiences our wine capital has to offer. The programme is becoming more and more well-known by wine professionals over here, and the variety of backgrounds and profiles of the WINTOUR family is much appreciated. Students are in Bordeaux to learn, but we learn so much from them too! WINTOUR is a great programme, students are very special to us, and every January, we are excited to see a new group arrive at ISVV."

Josep Maria Llauradó Reverchon

URV Professor
Subject: Adaptation to Practical Winemaking

"My first relation with wine were when I was a child. Later, my long summer vacations were spent with French relatives in the Domain Joseph Reverchon (nowadays Xavier Reverchon) in Jura! I have a Degree in Biology from the University of Barcelona in 1991 and a Master in Biotechnology developed at Centro "Severo Ochoa" (CSIC / Universidad Autónoma de Madrid).
In 2002 I finished a Doctorate in Biochemistry at Rovira and Virgili University, directed by Professor Albert Mas and sponsored by the cellars Miguel Torres, S.A. with the title "Evaluation of factors affecting must composition in the development of alcoholic fermentation at low temperatures."
At this stage I wrote several scientific articles and I participated in international congresses. I also had the chance to work in different wineries of the Fingers Lakes in the State of New York. With my brother we recovery the winegrowing farms of my parents: Mas del Botó in Alforja (Tarragona), from where we made our first commercial wine from the 2005 harvest! I am now the current wine maker.
From 2012 to 2014 I was the Manager of Subcampus Enology CEICS-URV and became associate professor with a class at the Faculty of Oenology, Medicine and Experimental Cellar "Mas dels Frares" of URV where I have been able to share my knowledge with the 3 generations of students of the #WintourMaster. To finish, I am member of the board of the DO Tarragona and President of the Associació dels Cellers Singulars de la DO Tarragona (Association of the Singular Wineries of the D.O. Tarragona).
My personal feeling about Wintours' students is that they have contributed more to me than I could contribute to them, due to its wide range of origins. Although I have been actively advising them outside the strictly teaching hours of the Master's program to know our territory." 

Marc Jonas

Guest Lecturer at UB
Subject: Management of Wine Tourism Firms and Entrepreneurship

"ISVV is for me an important step in my professional progress: first for its prestige and the high level of its teachers, but also for hosting international projects such as #wintourmaster (organization in 3 countries, students' origins) but above all the relational quality that I can install with students who often already have a rich professional experience and a vision of wine that nourishes me. I am very proud to have participated at the International Master on Wine Tourism Innovation - Wintour since its first edition in 2017. I occasionally keep in touch with former students who sometimes become colleagues. More than work it's a real pleasure to talk about wine tourism to WINTOUR students.

Since 1992 I have had the instinct of the potential of this sector still under creation now. I set up my training plan and added training in Tourism (Tourist Products Organizer 1992 - Country Guide 1997), in Wine (International Wine Trade 1994) and travels (all over France appellations & California: 3 months in 1995). At the same time I developed a strong wine culture (first tasting club in 1989 - reading of major authors about history and sociology of wine). In 2002 I became a tour guide mainly in the Rhône Valley, the Eastern Provence & Western Languedoc. I started living from my passion as wine guide as soon as the market finally ripens. It was at this time that I became a lecturer guide (guide conférencier).

I have experienced the beginnings of wine tourism on both wine and tourism sides with the mutual misunderstandings, the visitors' frustrations but also the power of ideal and dream that wine generates."

Cinta Sanz Ibáñez

Project manager and URV Administrative coordinator

"WINTOUR is a great Family that doesn't stop growing and being part of it it's a priceless experience. Since 2016, we welcome really talented students from all around the globe who are eager of learning more about the fascinating an emerging field of wine tourism. After their studies and participation in several internships, WINTOUR students become broadly qualified and highly adaptable professionals with multidisciplinary knowledge and expertise in the wine and tourism industries. Their profile covers the absence of new professionals able to understand the winemaking, wine marketing and wine tourism management as a whole and see the synergies between them. I can't wait to see how this growing network of #winesionaries brings added value to the future of wine tourism innovations and projects!"

Pierre Louis Teissedre

UB Professor and local coordinator
Subject: Aged and Sweet Wine Production

"This programme is offered by 3 recgnized Universities in the field (Tarragona, Bordeaux and Porto). Delivered in English, this master takes advantage of 3 regions classified as UNESCO world heritage, with a very strong tourist activity, and a long tradition of wine production.
This master mixed together students from different origins and countries.They are passionate for wine, culture, history and knowledge sharing. I'm happy to be part of this program in ISVV. All Wintour master students are future ambassadors of our wine regions and our traditions. They are the sentinels of the magic of wine for everyone."