Enriching work placements

The program includes four different internships:

Semester 1 (September)

Adaptation to Practical Winemaking

At the beginning of the first semester, students with no previous knowledge in winemaking will do this practical course, being 1 week in the winery of the Faculty of Oenology at URV, and learn from URV teachers the different tasks involved in the winemaking process. 

Semester 2 (June) 

Wine tourism Internship

At the end of the second semester students will be placed in a company related to wine tourism. There they will learn and experience the different wine tourism activities offered and how they are planned, organized and managed. 

Semester 3 (September - October)

Practical winemaking internship

4 weeks in a winery of a wine producing region. Participate during the harvest and wine making process. The outcome of this training will be to familirize the students with the regular winemaking practices. 

Semester 4 (February - June)

Professional internship (Master Thesis)

The students will have to develop inside a company a project related with the skills acquired during the Master Programme. During the Professional Internship the student will be interacting with the people of the appropriate departments of the company in order to learn the basic principles that the company applies to their brand perception. Accordingly, the student will have to develop a new wine tourism product, and to defend it in front of a tribunal.