Enriching work placements

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The program offers intensive training through three different internship periods:

Wine Tourism Internship

1st year – Semester 2 – 4 weeks in June (with possibility of extension over the summer) 

Students are placed in a public organization or private company developing its activity in the field of wine tourism. The objective is for the student to learn and experience first-hand the different wine tourism activities offered by the hosting organization, and how these are planned, organized, and managed. 

Ideally, this internship can be done at the same host that the final Master Thesis Internship, so that the student, with the knowledge and experience gained of the different wine tourism activities offered by the company, can propose, improve, and develop an innovative project as Master Thesis in the last semester.

Practical Winemaking Internship

2nd year – Semester 3 – 4 weeks between August and September

Students are placed in a winery (preferably, but not restricted to, in Spain, France, or Portugal), and actively participate in the harvest and wine making process. The outcome of this training is to familiarize the students with the regular wine making practices, skills that are fundamental for any wine related professional. 

Final Professional Internship – Master Thesis

2nd year – Semester 4 – 4 months between February and June

The Master Thesis is the result of the whole academic programme, where students have to develop a project related to the field of wine tourism during a professional internship stay at an institution or entity, public o private. This is the final outcome of the overall programme, and so it has to show and put in practice the knowledge and competences acquired on the master courses. The thesis is be presented as a report in English and defended in front of a Thesis evaluating committee.

Students are required to complete at least 500 hours of professional work (+100 of thesis writing), related to wine tourism, adapting to the company's working hours.