1. What is the tuition fee for the WINTOUR programme?

Programme country students' tuition fee is 4500 EUR per year (9000 EUR for the two years). Partner country students' tuition fee is 9000 EUR per year (18000 EUR for the two years).

2. What is included/not included in the fees?

The fees include: registration in the three host universities (with academic resources and services of the three universities), local language courses, full insurance coverage (according to European Commission requirements), issuance of Diplomas and other administrative costs.

The fees do not include: living expenses, transportation costs to and within Europe, and fees or taxes to be paid in order to met documentation requirements at application and enrolment stage (e.g. sworn translations, attested copies, legalizations, or public notary/consulate services).

3. What are the implications of being a self-funded student?

Self-funded students are those that pursue the master without an Erasmus+ scholarship. Hence, these students are responsible of paying the fees and all costs derived from their participation in the master (e.g. accommodation, transportation, subsistence, etc.).

4. Are there any scholarships available for WINTOUR students?

Students can follow the WINTOUR programme as self-funded students or they can apply for one of the several Erasmus+ scholarships (EMJMD action) available. These scholarships are designed to cover some of the expenses students incur throughout the entire duration of the WINTOUR course, which is 2 years. We open call for two categories of EMJMD scholarships: Programme Country and Partner Country scholarships. Depending on your situation (nationality and/or place of residence) you can apply for one of the two categories available.

Also, the Wintour Consortium continually strives to provide funding options for self-funded students. The alternatives are described in the section Other scholarships of our webpage.

5. Which category of EMJMD scholarship applies to me?

Students are entitled to apply to one of the two categories of EMJMD scholarships at a time. We kindly recommend you to read carefully the general conditions and specific requirements (including list of countries in each category) to be met in order to choose the suitable scholarship for you: /en/apply/emjmd-scholarships/

Please bear in the mind the following:

6. Former EMJMD grantees or Erasmus Mundus Master/Doctoral Course grantees are allowed to apply for EMJMD scholarships offered by the WINTOUR programme?

The European Commission establishes that candidates that have already obtained an EMJMD scholarship or are former Erasmus Mundus Master/Doctoral Course scholarship are not eligible for an additional scholarship under the EMJMD action. Hence, if this is your case, you can not apply for Erasmus+ scholarships in the WINTOUR Programme. One thing you can do, however, is applying to the master as self-funded student (and/or trying to find other ways to finance your studies). 

7. Are there any other funding options other than EMJMD scholarships?

The Wintour Consortium continually strives to provide other funding options for self-funded students. In fact, former students have all found different ways of partial financial aids. Please click here for further information.