1. What is the participation fees for the WINTOUR programme?

You can find this information in the section PARTICIPATION FEES.

2. What is category of tuition fee that applies to me?

We kindly recommend you to read carefully the requirements at PARTICIPATION FEES (including list of countries in each category) in order to choose the suitable category for you. Please bear in the mind that applicants with dual nationality have to select only one of the categories

3. What is included/not included in the fees?

Detailed information on this matter can be found at PARTICIPATION FEES.

4. What are the implications of being a non-scholarship student?

Non-scholarship students are those that pursue the master without an Erasmus Mundus scholarship. Hence, these students are responsible of paying the fees and all costs derived from their participation in the master (i.e. participation fees, accommodation, transportation, subsistence, etc.).

5. Are there any funding opportunities for non-scholarship students?

The Wintour Consortium continually strives to provide funding options for students who are not granted by the Erasmus Mundus scheme. In fact, former students have found different ways of partial financial help. Some alternatives are described in the section Other funding opportunities of our website.