Career prospects for graduates

The WINTOUR programme is aimed at preparing broadly trained and highly adaptable and qualified professionals in the tourism and wine industries in order to promote innovative wine tourism developments which will generate added value through the increased income and recognition of this sector.

The programme covers the absence of a new profession that requires multi-disciplinary and multi-sectorial knowledge and training, while increasing their understanding of wine making and tourism management. High-quality practical training in entrepreneurship and company management is provided by involving the students in internships in the non-academic sector.

Graduates may be eligible for positions in the following areas:

Private sector Creation of start-ups and business initiatives taking wine as a tourist attraction and tourism as a means for promoting wine and wine regions; management of the international activity of private firms from the wine industry in relation to their marketing strategy and development of wine tourism activities; specialized consultancy in the design and development of new strategies for increasing the competiti- veness of the wine sector.
Public administration Positions in public organizations responsible of the planning, management and promotion of wine tourism products at local, national and international level.
Research and teaching Participation and leadership of multidiscipliar research teams in the fields of oenology and tourism, either in public or private research organizations.