1. Which steps should I follow to apply for the WINTOUR programme?

The entire process is done online. You can find detailed information in the section APPLICATION STEP BY STEP.

2. Is it compulsory to pay the application fee? How can I pay it?

To complete the application process, candidates must pay the corresponding fee of 30.21 EUR. The application fee covers the costs incurred by the administrative management of candidates' applications, so no refunds are made. If candidates do not pay the corresponding fee, the application will not be completed. The payment of the application fee should be made online by credit/debit card after filling in the online application form (the system automatically redirects you to the payment page).

3. In which language should I submit the documentation required?

All documentation presented must be written or translated into English (sworn translation) unless there is any other instruction in the description of the document displayed in the section APPLICATION STEP BY STEP.

4. How should I convert my ECTS Credits System?

To find out this information you can ask your university or you can contact the European Union department in your country via e-mail, for instance, and they will inform you about the conversion of your studies into the ECTS system. 

5. What sort of information should my motivation letter include (Doc 5)?

The content of the motivation letter should include your professional or study project related with the field of the master (Wine Tourism). You can include information about your (past) professional work experience if it is somehow related to the field of the WINTOUR programme but not only. Selection committee would like to know about why you would like to enrol the master and which are motivations and expectations in terms of applying the knowledge acquired in your professional career once you finish the master. This letter is very important in the selection process, what you write in it should show the selection committee why they have to choose you in front of other prospective candidates, so we kindly recommend you to be accurate with the content you include.

6. Should I send recommendation letters?

The WINTOUR Consortium has established that there is no need to send recommendation letters. Candidates just have to include in their CV the contact (e-mail and phone number/skype user) of 2 referees for recommendation. If deemed necessary, the WINTOUR Academic Committee will contact referees by e-mail, asking them a few questions about the candidate. Referees won't have to spend much time in this task, we will make things as easier as possible to facilitate their collaboration.