Student testimonials

Our programme locations are in areas with big personality, helping accentuate the student experience. Check out our students' testimonials and discover the opportunities that await upon joining WINTOUR and its vibrant student community.

                                                      STUDENT TESTIMONIALS - WINESIONARIES 2019-2021

Davit Tarkhnishvili

Meet David from Georgia! With his undergraduate degree in Oenology and Viticulture, he is all about teaching about wines, and improving the recognition, quality & sustainability of wine production back in his country.

From: Georgia
Speaks: Georgian, English, Russian and a little bit French
Education: Bachelor in Oenology and Viticulture
Professional background: Wine-maker assistant, Wine guide, Sommelier
Other interests: Psychology, Spirituality, Fitness
Goals: Develop wine industry through improving knowledge of wine among producers and consumers in Georgia; implementing new regulations and policies in order to improve quality of wine in Georgia; Implementing sustainable wine-making practices in Georgia, increase the recognition of Georgian wine in the world; Maintain and improve collaboration with the foreign partners; Become a teacher.

Programme Country Scholarship Student
Academic Background: Bachelor of Agrarian Sciences after completion of Viticulture and Oenology program
Professional Background: Sales and Marketing Manager, Wine consultant, Tourist Guide

Melissa Medlej

This is Melissa, our first student representing Lebanon! With backgrounds in biochemistry and food industry engineering, she was driven to Wintour to learn and mesh her passions for marketing, tourism and agriculture together!

From: Lebanon
Speaks: Arabic, French and English
Educational Background: Bachelor in Biochemistry, Master in Food Industry Engineering
Professional background: 3 years as Marketing and Sales in an Agricultural Management, Trade & Consultancy Company
Other interests: Badminton, Traveling, Discovering new places
Goals: to become a Brand Ambassador and develop the wine tourism in Lebanon

Partner Country Scholarship Student 
Academic Background: Food Industry Engineer and Bachelor in Science of Life and Earth - Biochemistry
Professional Background: Business Development and Marketing & Sales at Natural Agriculture

Karlo Kopjar

Meet Karlo from Slovenia! Aside from his studies in viticulture, enology and wine business, not only he brings his broad experience as a chef to the table but also his passion for music, translated most beautifully at the private Sax performances for the lucky WINTOUR family.

From: Slovenia
Speaks: Slovenian, Croatian, English and Italian
Educational Background: 1st bachelor in Viticulture and Enology in Slovenia, 2nd bachelor in International Wine Business in Germany.
Professional background: 7 years working in various professional kitchens, 3 years in wineries, and experience with wine import for Scandinavian markets and wine tourism start-up.
Other interests: Music, Cooking, Discovering new things
Goals: Developing top quality products and experiences for the greatest enjoyment of people.

Programme Country Scholarship Student
Academic Background: Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology
Professional Background: Harvesting position, vineyard and wine cellar work, wine festival organization assistant, cook helper

Elsa Lukasik

Elsa, a driven Bergerac native captures everyone's attention through her lively personality. Her background in international business and wine focused upbringing will take her far in the industry!

From : France - more specifically from Bergerac (you might don't know it but we have good wines I swear)
Speaks : French & English, a little bit of Spanish
Bachelor : International Business, Economy & Marketing
Professional background : salesperson in wineries in France
Others interest : Horseriding, hiking, nature, travels and sharing good food and good wines with friends and family
Goal : brand ambassador/ press relations in the wine business

Programme Country Self-funded Student
Academic background: Bachelor in Economy and Languages

Professional background: manager of shop, sales and wine tasking

Jayakumar Kamalakannan

Meet Jay from India! With his restless inquisitive mind aligned with the years of experience in the wine industry, Jay never shies away from helping others understand a wine.

From: Pondicherry, India
Speaks: English, French, Spanish, Tamil, Hindi
Bachelor: Biotechnology and Master in wine marketing and management
Professional background: wine marketing
Other interests: scuba diving, yoga, sky diving, rafting
Goals: Becoming MW in wine and to develop the unexplored wine regions across the world

Partner Country Scholarship Student
Academic Background: Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology, Masters in Agroalimentaire, Masters in Wine and Spirits Marketing and Management, Diploma in Wines and Spirits

Professional Background: Yoga trainer, Sales Manager in Maldives, Key Accounts Manager, Trade Marketing Manager, Marketing and Customer Relationship manager 

Paola Makino

Give a warm welcome to Paola, WINTOUR's new marketing support intern and 4.0 student! Her diverse background of marketing, communication and international travel gives her the tools to be an amazing brand ambassador. She has a down to earth personality and open mind that connects well with everyone she meets, which is ideal for the international business negotiations she dreams to create.

From: Brazil, born in Argentina, Japanese heritage
Speaks: Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, Japanese, some Chinese
Bachelor: International Relations, post grad in Business Management
Professional Background: Social Media and Customer Success Manager. Sommelier Certificate at SENAC São Paulo.
Other interests: has a Yoga Teacher Training and an Ayurveda certificate
Goals: Become a brand Ambassador

Self-funded Partner Country Student
Academic Background: Bachelor in International Relations and Post Graduate studies in Management

Professional Background: Intellectual Property Department Manager, Online Relations Manager at Instabridge AB, Co-Founder at BRASPA, Sales Transaction Support at IBM Brazil, Event Promoter and Social Media Manager.


Mary Kathryn Fitzpatrick

Meet our fabulous Mary Kate! A lover of wine and words, this New Jersey native seeks to spend her life reveling in the poetry of both. You can consider her a modern devotee of the Cult of Dionysus, if you just replace the lyre with ABBA.