Second semester - University of Bordeaux (France)


Management of Wine Tourism Firms and Entrepreneurship
(3 ECTS)

  • Firm management and competitiveness.
  • Leadership in wine tourism operation.
  • Optimization of human resources in wine tourism.
  • Corporate social responsibility activities.
  • Spin-offs and start-ups.
  • Fund raising opportunities.

ICT and Wine tourism. Oenotourism 2.0
(6 ECTS)

  • Website design and placement.
  • On line promotion and sales. On line stores.
  • Social media. The community manager role.
  • On line image. Social recognition.
  • Located based services and recommendation tools.

Aged and Sweet Wine Production
(6 ECTS)

  • Aged red wine production: grape varieties, production, ageing systems and sensory characteristics.
  • Natural sweet wine production: types, methods of elaboration and sensory characteristics.

Wine Appellations Knowledge, Food Matching and Service, Tasting
(6 ECTS)

  • Wine listing.
  • Pairing: contrast and affinity.
  • Affinities, contrast and textures.
  • Wine serving and decantation.
  • Bottles, glasses and other instruments.
  • Gourmet products.

French Wine heritage and traditions
(3 ECTS)

  • Geographical indications: differences and common trends. Local landscapes.
  • Historical roots of wine production: past and future.
  • Local traditional activities.
  • Local wines: description and tasting.
  • Local gastronomy.

Wine tourism Internship
(6 ECTS)

  • Placement in a company related to wine tourism.
  • Learning and experiencing the different wine tourism activities offered and how they are planned, organized and managed.