Third Semester - University of Porto (Portugal)


Wine Tourism behaviour
(3 ECTS)


Wine Tourism Communication and new Marketing tools
(6 ECTS)


Wine Tourism Events Management
(3 ECTS)


Fortified Wine production

(6 ECTS)

  • The different types of fortified wines.
  • History and legislation. Grape varieties.
  • Elaboration of the different Porto wines.
  • Ageing and conservation.
  • Sensory characteristics.

Portuguese Wine Regions
(3 ECTS)

  • Geographical indications: differences and common trends. Local landscapes.

Portuguese Wine Heritage and Tourism
(3 ECTS)

  • Historical roots of wine production: past and future.
  • Local traditional activities.
  • Local wines: description and tasting.
  • Local gastronomy.

Practical winemaking internship
(6 ECTS)

  • 4 weeks in a winery of a wine producing region.
  • Participation in the harvest and wine making process.
  • Students will familiarize the students with the regular winemaking practices.