Assessment of applications

  • Appeal procedure

  • WINTOUR applicants have the right to appeal against the selection decision. For doing so, applicants should fill in an appeal form and send it to the WINTOUR Secretariat (master.wintour(ELIMINAR) together with supporting documents (if necessary), within a period of 15 days starting from the day after the notification of selection results. The WINTOUR Academic Committee will respond within one month after reception of the appeal.
  • Before appealing, please note that our selection process is very competitive because of the few scholarships available in relation to the high number of applications. For this reason, only the candidates with higher merits in all the aspects included in the WINTOUR selection criteria above can be selected.


A group of up to 28 students will be admitted per intake (including scholarship holders and self-funded students). Candidates will be evaluated by the WINTOUR Academic Committee based on the following criteria:

CV and academic track record 50%
Motivation letter and professional project 30%
Professional experience in the field and previous international mobility 10%
Other Languages (especially Spanish, French or Portuguese, the languages of the participating institutions) 10%


The scores from the review will form two absolute ranked lists of applications (a Partner Country list and a Programme Country students list) which will be used for student selection.

In the first call, EMJMD scholarships will be assigned to the candidates with higher merits in the lists, according to the number of scholarships available in each category. A selected number of the following candidates according to the order of merit will be included in a reserve list for each category.

In the second call, the candidates selected will be those with higher merits in the lists, according to the number of self-funded places available for that intake. 

Please note that: