Enriching work placements

The program includes three different compulsory internships that all the students perform:

Semester 2 (September - October)

Practical winemaking internship

4-6 weeks (300 hours) in a winery of a wine producing region. This internship permits to apply and see in practice the knowledge acquired throughout the Wine Making module, while preparing students for the exercise of professional activities in wine producing firms to learn about the usual winemaking practices.

Semester 2 (December) 

Festive season internship

2 weeks to acquire practical knowledge on marketing and sales strategies applied to Christmas and other festive seasons. Likewise, students learn specific knowledge about consumer perspectives in relation to wine, bottle, label and closure systems. 

Semester 4 (February - June)

Professional internship (Master Thesis)

4 months joining one of the WINTOUR Associated Partners including: wineries, wine tourism facilities (e.g. hotels, museums, etc.), public administrations, consultancies or research centres. This longer stage is oriented to develop the Master Thesis in the field of wine tourism.