Useful Links


The links below contain information about accommodation options in Tarragona, Bordeaux and Porto in order to facilitate as much as possible the task of WINTOUR students for finding a place to stay.


S1: URV - Tarragona

The closest international airports are Reus Airport (7 km away) and Barcelona Airport (82 km away). Barcelona Airport (el Prat) is over an hour from the city of Tarragona.

Connection by train: every 15 minutes a train leaves from Barcelona Airport to Barcelona-Sants Station. RENFE offers regular train services from Barcelona-Sants to Tarragona all day long:

Connection by bus: Empresa PLANA offers a direct bus service from Barcelona Airport. These buses depart from the airport (exact location here) and arrive at Plaça Imperial Tarraco (Tarragona) in 1 hour or so. The timetable of these services can be checked at the following website:

URV International Center website:

You can also find specific public transport routes in Google maps (bus schedules fairly reliable).