Erasmus Mundus Association

  • Who can join the Association?
  • Newly accepted students of Erasmus Mundus Master or PhD Programmes who have received an acceptance letter.
  • Current students and graduates of Erasmus Mundus Master or PhD Programmes.

Being a WINTOUR student does not only offer great opportunities in academic terms, but also permits to get access to the global network of Erasmus Mundus alumni.

The Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association (EMA) is a network of more than 9,000 graduates of Erasmus Mundus programmes. The main goals of the EMA are:

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The WINTOUR Master had student representation in the 2019 EMA General Assembly. The assembly took place in Vienna from 22 to 25 February 2019 and it served as a platform to talk about the future of EMJMD and Erasmus. 

This event counted with presentations of Master and PhD programmes, where the students and alumni weregathered in the Erasmus Mundus Association but there was also place for open discussion about how current and prospective students as well as alumni can contribute to the visibility, promotion and development of EMA and Erasmus Mundus programme.

The International Master on Wine Tourism Innovation 
was represented by the attendance of ths student
Lyka Caparas, from WINTOUR 3.0.