Video on Alumni Erasmus Mundus Experience

Our programme locations are in areas with big personality, helping accentuate the student experience. Check out our students' testimonials and discover the opportunities that await upon joining WINTOUR and its vibrant student community.



"Wine represents everything I love: heritage, gastronomy, and sharing. I joined the WINTOUR programme​ to complete my educational and professional experience in the wine tourism field, and to improve my English. But my experience so far has been so much more than this. I have met people who share the same passion as me, I am discovering new and exciting wine cultures, and I am being given the motivation to succeed in my future career"

Bérénice Dumont
Programme Country Student (Self-Funded)
Country: France
Age: 24
Academic Background: Tourism



"The viticulture in my country is growing rapidly, and tourism is the pillar of the economy in many regions. Since I am very interested in those fields, I decided to look for an opportunity that would allow me to improve in both. I also wanted to get to know the best and oldest viticulture regions of the world. WINTOUR is the perfect master's course to have a global view of the Old World techniques versus the innovation of New World wine regions, my experience so far has definitely been beyond my expectations."

Aline Urbán Orta
Partner Country Student (Erasmus+ Scholarship)
Country: Mexico
Age: 26
Academic Background: MBA, BA in Touristic Enterprises Management
Professional Background: Tourism and Entrepreneurship

"I love travelling, enjoying great food & wine, being in touch with people of different cultures, speaking foreign languages. I also love my country, and in particular the region I'm from, Abruzzo, a place with great wine tourism opportunities. That's why I chose WINTOUR: changing my career path and following my dreams. All this starting with 4 semesters to spend in top-class wine tourism regions where I can discover their secrets and learn every day from everyone"

Matteo Di Donato
Programme Country Student (Self-Funded)
Age: 30
Country: Italy
Academic/Professional Background: Marketing Management


"Wintour was really an all-in-one offer to start my journey of pursuing a new profession that matches with my interests in wine and tourism. So far, I am having so much fun exploring the wine world in such a spectacular way and with so many interesting experiences"

Duy Xuan Nguyen 
Programme Country Student (Erasmus+ Scholarship)
Age: 27
Country: Vietnam/France
Academic Background: Business Administration


"WINTOUR was my chance to achieve a career change. I decided to move on from the finance field and find professional work connected with my long-held hobbies: wine and tourism. After acquiring a few professional sommelier certifications, I discovered WINTOUR and thought, what better platform to boost my career prospects than a master's​ degree​ which takes places in 3 very important wine regions?!"

Claudia G. Melo
Partner Country Student (Erasmus+ Scholarship)
Age: 35
Country: Brazil
Academic/Professional Background: Finance and Business Administration

Winesionary Blogger - Vinka Woldarsky (Partner Country Scholarship Holder, Canada)



"No other masters program provides this level of hands-on, experiential learning specifically attuned to the field of wine tourism, all within the context of steeping yourself in the local cultures of three of the world's most fascinating wine capitals. Most importantly, I have already fostered what I know will be life-long connections with other passionate and talented students and professionals who matriculate from all over the world. This is priceless...this is WINTOUR."

Katharine Francis
Partner Country Scholarship Student
Country: USA (Denver, Colorado)
Age: 28
Academic Background: BA Communications
Professional Background: Communications and Digital Marketing (wine, retail and hotel industries)

"Currently, sharing this passion with people from around the world according to different backgrounds and experiences, is giving me the most complementary vision, broadening my mind more and more, increasing my personal and professional skills, in a way I could never have imagined. Learning in about the most prestigious wine producers regions and methods is so much more effective than theoretical learning. We just finished the first semester, and I already know what I want to do for a living: providing unforgettable experiences and presenting this universe to those who want to know it."

Carolina Abreu
Partner Country Scholarship Student 
Country: Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)
Age: 30
Academic Background: Viticulture and Enology
Professional Background: Wine chemistry and tourism.

"This journey would not be amazing without 25 passionate winesionaries studying together. By sharing our cultures and differences with each other, we learn beyond academic and technical knowledge. You could not imagine the chemistry among us. Perhaps wine does the magic and brings out the best in us."

Vivian Ngan
Partner Country Scholarship Student
Country: Hong Kong, China
Age: 32
Academic Background: Hotel and Tourism Management
Professional Background: Sales and Marketing (catering, commercial kitchen equipment industries)

"When I started my previous studies in gastronomic sciences, I realized that the key place, where the magic happens, is not in the bottle of wine. The 'miracle' started long ago, when the harvester picked up carefully every bunch of grapes... Having the opportunity to travel around three of the most well reputed wine countries, knowing the terroir of every region, and even more important, meeting who's behind the final product; has been the decisive argument for me to take part of this amazing program."

Juan Cabanzón Maiztegui
Programme Country Self-funded Student
Country: Spain (Donostia-San Sebastián)
Age: 23
Academic background: Bachelor in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts

"I can confidently say that taking part in the WINTOUR programme is the best choice that I have ever made. It's not just an education, it's so much more. I have never come across such an in-depth and versatile approach to educating students, which is so important in creating highly qualified specialists."

Georgii Chezhia
Partner Country Scholarship Student
Country: Russia/Georgia
Age: 23
Academic Background: Bachelor in International Economics