University of Bordeaux

With 45000 students, UB offers 245 curricula leading to national degrees and about 35 international master and doctorate programmes (9 with Erasmus Mundus label). University has founded the network of the OENOVITY International Network with URV that gathers together more than 50 partners, and will incorporate the present Master program WINTOUR into the OENOVITI/OENODOC program. The research teams of ISVV Bordeaux Aquitaine (Institute of Vines and Wines Sciences) teach in undergraduate and postgraduate programs of Oenology and are actively involved in several national and international research programs.

In fact, UB is the coordinator of the active network OENOVITI International / OENODOC. ISVV is involved in Official Postgraduate Program of Oenology, Oenologist Program Master in Oenology and Environment, Doctorate Program in Oenology, Undergraduate Programs in Oenology and viticulture. The professors of the ISVV have been involved in many national and international research programs, and have strong collaboration with the wine industry.