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Adaptation to Oenology classes at URV cellar!

In Tarragona classes have started and most of the students are attending Adaptation to Oenology classes with Fernando Zamora leading. 

After a few theorical classes, the students went to the URV experimental winery to develop their harvest skills on Parellada and Cabernet Sauvignon, possible diseases in the vineyard, maturity control followed by the vinification of the grapes harvested. 

When performing a tour or selling a wine is important to understand the basics of vinification in order to have better results and these concepts will be very important to survive to the wine making internship that will come further! The students from the second year are now doing their wine making internships and they report that the classes of Adaptation to Enology were definitely very helpful and extremely helpful necessary! 

In the end of this week session the students arranged a tasting with wines from their home countries! With 20 different nationalities among the class that means a lot of different styles of wine, different grape varieties, enology techniques they might never heard about and a different food paring. This is WINTOUR! Pure joy! 

A quick reminder that some of the students previously in their bachelor of enology quote Fernando's articles in their final thesis. It's a pleasure to work with him now! 

You can follow the page of the URV experimental winery on Instagram posted by Pedro Cabanillas related to wintour adventures but also enology students:


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