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WINTOUR 2.0 Leisure and Wine Tourism Final Class

When 25 students from 19 different countries join forces for a class debate, it's no surprise that the board will end up like this! So many ideas, thoughts and memories about an incredible set of field trips visiting some of the most exciting and iconic wine regions in Spain. The first semester at Tarragona for Wintour 2.0 is close to the end and it's time for a wrap up!

Professor Salvador Anton and Professor Paolo Russo accompanied students during the final "Leisure & Wine Tourism" session for a debate that could have lasted many hours more than the four that the group spent together at the Facultat de Turisme i Geografia URV Vila-Seca campus.

Part of the day was spent discussing the group's reflections on Denominació d'Origen Penedès. The students 5-day trip to the land of Cava offered them a deeper and closer approach through fruitful exchanges with professionals, with them learning a great deal about the production process and the wine tourism methods of this beautiful and underrated region.

Students also shared their previous ideas, expectations and personal views about La Rioja where the group spent an entire week being hosted by different wineries, guesthouses and museums. The heritage, tourism strategies and plethora of different touristic offers available were also discussed.

Our merry cohort of #vinnovators also welcomed a mini special guest, a young family member of one of the students. Although he's not quite old enough to start swilling a wine glass, he couldn't resist joining in with the fun of this lively debate!

Overall, the field trips were a success and students found their experiences to be incredibly memorable. A full understanding of two key wine regions in Rioja and Penedès was achieved. A big applause for all those involved with the organisation and the partners that hosted us!

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