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Workshop: Brand Positioning, the Role of Wine Tourism

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Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, Spain

seminar leverages the infrastructure of the International Master on Wine Tourism
Innovation ( held jointly among the Rovira i Virgili University, University of Porto
and University of Bordeaux, to offer local stakeholders, especially wineries or those interested in
the development of wine tourism, the possibility of sharing and addressing two major topical
a world of constant change and where competition among destinations is increasing, we take
the fifth edition of the master to address two key issues the repositioning of the brand, whether
territorial, collective or entrepreneurship and also the trade in wine tourism The brand
transmits a series of values and emotions with the clear objective of establishing links with
consumers which, insofar as they reflect a society in constant change, force the adaptation of
companies and territories to new scenarios Territory, identity and sustainability are some of the
elements that are generally incorporated although not always with the same degree of success It
is precisely the goal of the first session to find out what factors are involved in the success of
brand repositioning
second session of the seminar is devoted to the wine tourism craft A craft in the classical
sense of the term, of the wine tourism profession It will be discussed which are the skills,
difficulties and needs of individuals and companies to make wine tourism a profitable and
sustainable activity over time


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