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1st OENOBIO Summer School

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Hochschule Geisenheim University, Germany

The first OENOBIO Summer School takes place at Hochschule Geisenheim University, Germany from 15th to 27th July 2019.

The theme of the event is: "ORGANIC VITICULTURE AND ENOLOGY "

The OENOBIO Summer School is an intensive programme of study which brings together students and professors/teachers staff from the 5 European higher education institutions of the project and two professional associations. Students and teachers work together in multinational groups on the specific topics of organic viticulture and enology.

During 12 days, 36 students have the opportunity to exchange among each other and with contributors on the organic vine and wine topic. They can learn practices to produce wine in a more efficient way and also to have less impact on the environment through meetings with 22 speakers into classes, workshops, visits and tastings. The climate change and wishes of consumers lead to produce more organic products: It has to be an example for an ethical wine business. 

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